Neighborhood Outreach Mission (NOM)

The goal is to reach out to every home, One Subdivision at a time. SIM joins with local participating Churches and Organizations in the projects. Mission 2023 Houston / Dallas was started in 2018 with the plan to evangelize these 2 Metro Cities by 2020. We are using Jesus DVD and tract, in association with Christ for All Peoples. By now over 1.5 Million homes are covered. SIM encourages all Christians to do evangelism in their own neighborhood or streets or Apartments where they live. SIM is planning to do the Follow Up in these areas with trained volunteers from all different denominational Churches and from all nationalities.

Trained to Train Basic Class (TTT)

Trained to Train Basic Classes on Evangelism and Discipleship, which covers Relationship and Fellowship with God and Witnessing Techniques. SIM is praying for 20,000 trained volunteers from every major city to carry on the follow-up work. We have the materials ready, for any Priests or Pastors or lay leaders to teach the volunteers. Call us to arrange training or retreat for your Church or group.

Retreaded for Life (RFL)

A project to encourage 50   people to get involved in Mission and to have continuous fellowship with believers in each subdivision and support those who are in need. We also would like to get their help in supporting the ministry and encouraging young people with sharing their experience. We have plans to honor the oldest persons(90+) in the subdivision and also give special welcome to those who turn 60 years old, into the senior’s group. We would also like to arrange information classes for seniors regarding their benefits and privileges. We would like to make sure all those who are 50 + know for sure they will enjoy eternal life with God through Jesus Christ and prepare their mind to peacefully transition from this world to the next.

4 Hour Club (4HC)

A  project underway to group people 18+  according to age ( 10 years bracket) to form units in every subdivision to spend 4 dedicated hours in a month to have fellowship and to discuss moral, spiritual, educational and other edifying social matters/subjects. Help develop artistic, music and other talents to serve the Lord. SIM will help the units by providing needed materials or professional leaders and help to arrange programs and exchange programs.

BOLD MUSIC & MISSION.- Register your name to include as a Musician to work with any Music Team or Worship Center. Give deatils of your Talent and experience.

The Glocal Care (TGC)

A project that covers our theme, “LOVE, CARE, SHARE”. GC will serve the community with spiritual. material and financial help for the needy in the neighborhood. This will include prayer, hospital care, counseling, food, and material supply. The helping hand can go from local to the global level as per the need and the availability of funds and manpower and raising support from the public.

24 Hour Prayer Cells

The backbone of any ministry is prayer by faithful people. We are starting the 24-hour prayer cells in different areas with prayer warriors spending 15-30 minutes at a time.

Financial Support Team (FST)

Financial support on a regular basis will help this ministry to build up to be useful for many. SIM encourages some great visions and plans. This is your ministry and everyone who has a heart for the Lord will have the opportunity to serve the Lord through SIM along with work. Remember that you can do something constructive for the Lord only when you are alive. Pray and plan to get involved. Start a Neighborhood Outreach Unit in your neighborhood.

Continuous Christian Education (CCE)

  A project underway where SIM manages to extend serious study classes on Basic Bible Doctrines, Bible study, and other subjects in association with Qualified teachers and Bible Colleges to get Certified in College level Biblical Education in their neighborhood.

SIM Retreat

SIM organizes retreat on several themes. We provide qualified leaders for conducting church/group retreats.


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